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Analysing the problem and planning for change


What does this module cover?

In any campaign, analysis and planning are key to success. Effective planning creates focus, brings teams together, and generates impact.

This module introduces a range of tools and resources to apply to your campaigns. It will help you to understand the core problem you’re trying to address – its causes and impacts. Discover how to prioritise those causes and plan actions. Finally, explore where to find the right entry points for your campaign.

Every campaigner has an idea about how society could be better. But turning ideas into effective campaign strategies isn’t easy. This module gives examples of successful campaign strategies and SMK’s digital tools will help you answer key questions, identify the next steps, and move your campaign forward. Use the tools to structure planning sessions in your team or group. They will help you to clarify your vision for change and develop a robust campaign plan to give your campaign the best chance of success.

Learning Outcomes

In this module, changemakers will:

  • Identify a clear problem, solution and route to change
  • Gain experience in prioritising routes to change
  • Explore the diverse campaign entry points and learn how to pick the right ones.
  • Adopt planning tools to help your campaign succeed

Thought Provoker

What are the first steps when planning a campaign? Choose 3 from the following list:

  • Deciding on your campaign messaging and actions
  • Researching who your allies and opponents might be
  • Setting out a vision for change
  • Understanding the cause of your problem
  • Considering possible ways to make the change needed
  • Articulating your aims, objectives and strategies
  • Choosing if the time is right for your campaign
  • Identifying what success will look like

There’s a lot to think about at the beginning of a campaign. And there are no wrong answers – they are all important. This module is about helping you to structure the campaign planning process so you can work through all the important steps.

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